our human crew

We want all our guests to feel welcomed and comfortable here at Canterbury Tails, so not only can you get to know the cats a little before your visit, but you can meet our team too!
All our team are kitchen qualified and many also barista trained, so we are able to work together & swap about when/where needed.
We have team members from around the globe, ranging in age from 17 to 30 & speaking a range of languages including ASL.

  • Pip - Owner - she/her

    Hi, I'm Pip and as the founder of Canterbury Tails, dubbed the true crazy cat lady of Canterbury! 🐾 I'm usually upstairs doing admin (& laundry!) or general behind-the-scenes kitchen tasks & other important bits, but love to pop into the cafe areas when I can and see everyone's smiles. 💖

  • Vik - Co-Owner -he/him

    I am self-appointed cat-dad of the cafe, and I co-run Canterbury Tails with Pip. If I dont greet you with a smile at the front door then I'm upstairs living my barista dreams in the kitchen. ☕ Аз също съм родом от България, елате да ме поздравите!

  • Val - Manager - she/her

    Hi I'm Val and this is my dream job!
    No, I don't have a favourite cat (but I do have a soft spot for our Bean here). I also have my own "little" (chunky) senior rescue lady at home, Gatalina, keeping my partner Carlos company when he works from home. 😻
    I'm half Italian/half Argentinian, so si, parlo italiano y hablo español 🤭

  • Paula - Supervisor - she/her

    Heya I’m Paula & I love cats, raccoons & video games. Currently saving up for my right arm to be covered in ghibli tattoos and a place where I can get a cat of my own one paycheque at a time (between uni work on my psychology degree!) 💌 Ich komme ursprünglich aus Deutschland

  • Bobby - Chef - he/him

    Hi I'm Bobby, I applied for the role of chef & wasn't super into cats at first, but now Marmalade is my literal daughter & I would die for Guss. I studied catering at college & have worked in restaurant kitchens before, but now I need every workplace to have cats. 👩‍🍳

  • Emma - Cat Nanny - she/her

    Hi, I'm Emma! I'm a part-time social psychology masters student & full time cat lover! I'm a big fan of musicals & a bit of a nerd, but also enjoy a bunch of crafty & creative hobbies like singing & embroidery. 🎵 I love chatting to you guys about how awesome our cats are so always feel free to come say hi!

  • Alex - Cat Nanny - she/her

    Hi there! I’m Alex! I’m originally from America, I work in the film industry but secretly this is my dream job (cats & coffee?!?) I also have my own bundle of orange at home - rescue boy Milo! 🐈 I am also able to communicate in ASL.

  • Freya - Cat Nanny - she/her

    Hey I’m Freya! I’m an animal scientist with 4 cats at home - Luna, Teddy, Moochie & Floofy, plus a little dog called Dotty.🎨 I love to do art in my spare time, and volunteer with arachnid scientific research.

  • Laura - Cat Nanny - she/her

    Hey I'm Laura! I'm a university student in Canterbury studying sociology and RPE. 🏈 I love D&D, animals, gardening & spend my spare time playing rugby & being part of my student union. Most importantly - I love cats!

  • Milly - Cat Nanny - she/they

    Hi!! I'm Milly, I absolutely love music & as of right now, I can speak three languages! (English, French & Korean) My favourite animals are monkeys & hamsters 🐹 (& cats of course!) I love my weekly dose of cat between completing my A-levels & applying for Uni!

  • Amelie - Cat Nanny - she/her

    Hi I'm Amelie! I like to draw in my spare time and I love animals.
    I'm currently in my final year of studying animal management at college and have always wanted to work with cats!! 😻
    ps. this is the only photo where my cat doesn't look constipated

  • Jess - Cat Nanny - they/them

    Hey, I’m Jess! A proud queer vegan, who loves all animals (especially cats)! I’ve always had cats in my life; me and my partner are proud parents to our little darling Willow (ft in the photo), and a tiny roborovski rescue hamster called Zippy! 🐹 In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts, painting and I’m also learning how to knit! 

  • Elise - Cat Nanny - she/her

    May '23 - Jan '24

    So sad to see Elise go but we wish her all the best in her return home to America & the exciting new plans for her and fiancée Jack!

    Hi I'm Elise! I love horror movies & video games. 🎞 I'm also cat-mom to my own little Maine coon Cleo, back home in Colorado, USA.

  • Evan - Volunteer - he/him

    May '23 - Aug '23
    Congratulations to Megan & Evan on their engagement AND move to their own place in Cambridge - We all miss you & your visits mean the world!
    Hi I'm Evan! I'm a volunteer cat lover, I like sunshine & sausage rolls (especially the excellent ones at the cafe) ☀

  • Megan - Cat Nanny - she/they

    May '23 - Aug '23
    Congratulations to Megan & Evan on their engagement AND move to their own place in Cambridge - We all miss you & your visits mean the world!
    Hi, my name is Megan! I am a snail enthusiast. 🐌 I love scary movies, the colour yellow, tea & strange looking animals ♡ ('ugly' animals, come at me!)

  • Meg - Cat Nanny - she/her

    May '23 - Oct '23
    We all miss Meg's absolutely unmatched sense of humour but of course wish her the very best in her new super girl-boss full time job! 💁‍♀️

  • Gina - Cat Nanny - she/her

    August '23 - December '23
    We all miss Gina's smile! We hope she can find time in her super busy uni schedule to come back over the summer, but at least we still see her around town & on team treat days!
    Hi I'm Gina! I'm a bit of a nerd, not just about cats, but also films, shows, video games & theatre. 🎭 I have 2 cats, Lilly & Karo, who are back home in Germany while I study Psychology here at uni, so I miss them massively! My whole family is cat-crazy, so I'm incredibly excited to be helping at the café over the summer!

  • Chloe - Cat Nanny - she/her

    May '23 - Oct '23
    The sweetest person we've all ever met! You're welcome back to the cat family any time and we wish you all the best wherever life takes you next! 💞