our human crew

We want all our guests to feel welcomed and comfortable here at Canterbury Tails, so not only can you get to know the cats a little before your visit, but you can meet our team too! We have team members from around the globe, ranging in age from 17 to 30, and speaking a range of languages!

  • Pip - she/her

    she/her - Hi, Im Pip and I'm the founder & owner of Canterbury Tails - so the one responsible for this cat craziness!

  • Vik - he/him

    he/him - I am self-appointed cat-dad of the cafe, and I co-own Canterbury Tails with Pip. и аз съм родом от българия

  • Alex - she/her

    Hi there! I’m Alex! I’m originally from America & have two kitties back in the States. I work in the film industry but secretly this is my dream job (cats & coffee?!?) 🐱

  • Bobby - he/him

    he/him - hi im bobby i got attacked by pigeons this morning and i cook da food

  • Chloe - she/her

  • Elise - she/her

    Hi I'm Elise! I love horror movies & video games. I'm also cat-mom to my own little Maine coon Cleo, back home in Colorado, USA.

  • Emma - she/her

  • Evan - he/him

    Hi I'm Evan! I'm a volunteer cat lover, I like sausage rolls and sunshine ☀

  • Freya - she/her

    Hey I’m Freya! I’m an animal scientist with 4 cats at home - Luna, Teddy, Moochie & Floofy, plus a little dog called Dotty. I love to do art in my spare time, and volunteer with arachnids.

  • Gina - she/her

    Hi I'm Gina! I'm a bit of a nerd, not just about cats, but also films, shows, video games & theatre. I have 2 cats, Lilly & Karo, who are back home in Germany while I study Psychology here at uni, so I miss them massively! My whole family is cat-crazy, so I'm incredibly excited to be helping at the café over the summer!

  • Laura - she/her

    Hey I'm Laura! I'm a university student in Canterbury studying sociology and RPE. I love D&D, animals, gardening & spend my spare time playing rugby. Most importantly - I love cats!

  • Megan - she/they

    Hi, my name is Megan! I am a snail enthusiast. I love scary movies, the colour yellow, tea & strange looking animals ♡ ('ugly' animals, come at me!)

  • Meg - she/her

  • Milly - she/her

    hi!! I'm Milly, I absolutely love music & as of right now, I can speak three languages! My favourite animals are monkeys & hamsters (& cats of course!)

  • Paula - she/her

    Heya I’m Paula & I love cats, raccoons & video games. Currently saving up for my right arm to be covered in ghibli tattoos one paycheque at a time 💌

  • Val - she/her

    Hi I'm Val and this is my dream job!
    No, I don't have a favourite cat (but I do have a soft spot for our Clawdia here).
    I'm half italian/half argentinian, so yes parlo italiano & hablo español 🤭🥰

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