aka Yoggy, Yogs, Joghurt, Yoghurto

My birthday is 4th May and I am a male chinchilla Persian


I have heterochromia which means I have one green eye and one blue eye. I am king of the sploot and can often be found chilling with my back legs straight out behind me. I like lots of attention and will interrupt other’s grooming sessions and cuddle time. I have incredibly big paws and like to stretch out my beans at every opportunity. I love anything that jingles and rattles and am incredibly playful. I also have anxiety which can lead to bouts of over-grooming, so Pip has to apply my ointment and sometimes even the cone of shame if I get in the habit.


Yoghurt’s original owner worked for an international organisation, which often required them to travel overseas for weeks at a time. They also owned Yoghurt's older siblings. They found that finding a cat sitter who was willing and able to long-term care for three cats was hard to come by, so Yoghurt and his siblings were regularly split up and moved about, as the older two were closely bonded. They felt this really wasn't the ideal situation for him as he’s a very loving and social cat, so wanted to find him a forever home.