aka Nessie, Ness

My birthday is 19th February and I am a female black half Siamese half moggy


My best friend is Fee as we are very close in age, and Clawdia adopted me as her surrogate daughter as she was heavily pregnant when I joined the cat crew - I even nursed from her for a while along with the boys although I was much older! I love to play but can sometimes get a little spooked when someone gets a bit too fast for my liking.


Nessie's mum was a champion prize-winning pedigree show Siamese and breeding queen, but her dad was the neighbours naughty tom-cat who got in through the front window! Nessie and her five siblings were all absolutely gorgeous but not the plan for her previous owners, or their growing human family, so they all needed to find new homes. She was the last to be re-homed due to her slightly more reserved nature, and the last rehome kitty to join our cat crew. Although she can be a little nervy at first, once warmed up to you will show endless affection and beg for cuddles.