aka WiffWaff, Wavey Waff

My My birthday is 6th June and I am a silver male Cornish Rex


I like sitting on laps and getting attention because of my wavy fluff, which is incredibly silky. I'm a special boy and will rub up against you for attention and press into you to snuggle you back. I may look a little scary and a wolf-like at first, but really I'm just a big goofball. I have a chronic tear-duct condition so sometimes I look a little weepy on the left but I'm perfectly fine and it doesn't bother me.


Waffle was a new addition to an existing two-cat female-only household. However after three months they were still unsettled with him in the house and it was very stressful for all involved, leading to behavioural problems and occasional spats stemming from the original household cats. For his own safety he needed to be rehomed.