aka Pumpkino, BigBoy

My birthday is 2nd May and I am a ginger male Maine Coon & moggy cross


I like playing with my brothers Mayo and Mac and stealing as much attention from everyone else as possible. I am a cuddle fiend and will absolutely let you rub my fluffy belly. My fluff has a mind of its own and even right after brushing I still manage to look an absolute scruff. I am still small now as Maine Coons grow slow, so I won't reach my full size potential until I'm 4 or 5 years old.


Pumpkin’s original owners took in a Maine Coon male who they were told had been neutered, to be company for their existing female family cat. There are claims neutering a Maine Coon male can increase their adult size, and at over 10kg Pumpkin’s dad was a big boy, so they took this to be true. However, by the time they realised this wasn’t the case, it was too late and Pumpkin and his siblings were on their way into the world. They barely had the house-space to house two adults cats, let alone six if they were to keep Pumpkin and his siblings, so he had to find a new home with plenty of space to fit him once he grows up to be a big boy like his dad.