aka Ooie, OolieShmoolie, LadyLong

My birthday is 21st March and I am a female white oriental shorthair


I like playing with brightly coloured toys and don’t know my own strength. I am deaf, which means I sleep very deeply, usually curled up next to my adopted brothers Waffle or Gary, and can sometimes get surprised when approached from behind. I can be a little shouty when I want attention as volume control isn’t my strong suit.


Oolong originally travelled to the UK from Bulgaria to be a breeding queen. She had her first litter young and the breeder then retired her as there were some complications, likely due to her age and deafness. We believe she never really had a kitten-hood due to her import and breeding at a young age, and since bringing her into the cat crew she has completely come out of her shell. She a large lady with the energy of a kitten who never got the chance to play.