aka Nettie, Nets, Gorgeous Girl, Grumpy Grey

My birthday is 19th March and I am a female lavender British Shorthair


I like high places where I can lord over my brothers and sisters and show off how pretty I am. I enjoy my space from them, but absolutely love attention from people and I'm very playful. My favourite toy is my fluffy feather tickle stick which I love to chase. I also enjoy head rubs and if I really like you, belly rubs too.


Nettie’s previous owners had recently moved to a new house with no safe outdoor space. They had three young children and a one year old puppy who was much exceeding the size they were expecting him to reach. She was very stressed in this environment and spent most her days high up on top of the laundry room cabinet, and just wasn’t getting the space or attention she required to thrive.