or Mayonnaise when I'm naughty

My birthday is 19th February and I am a male blue-eye mog, but the spitting image of a Turkish Angora


I like playing with my adopted brother Mac and love a head rub, don’t like being held like a baby like everyone else. Even though I'm white and have kept my gorgeous blue eyes into adulthood, as a kitten I had a small grey splodge on my head, which means I avoided being born deaf. I have no official lineage papers but I definitely look to have Turkish angora in my ancestry.


Mayo’s previous owner fostered cats, as well as having 3 of their own, all while also working full time. Mayo’s mum was a recent foster and had a surprise litter of 6 - Mayo and his 5 brothers and sisters. This brought the total amount of cats in the household to 12, which was too many for the fosterers to handle. His mother was a very slight build so a litter of 6 had really taken a toll on her body. She was showing signs of stress and not properly caring for the kittens, so it was in everyone’s best interest Mayo find a new home, but one with plenty of friends to play with as he had always been used to.