aka Mac, Little Mac, Mackie

My birthday is 31st March and I am a male silver tabby Scottish Fold x Bengal x Burmese (aka a very pretty moggy)


I am everyones best friend and will snuggle up with absolutely anyone. I love getting my belly rubbed and will get all twisty! I have a spotty belly, and big feet with shiny black beans and am utterly adorable (and I know it!) Where I'm half Bengal I'm growing into being a very big boy, but my Scottish Fold ears haven't seemed to grow since I was very little. They used to look too big but now look too small!


Mac came from a foster-family who took in animals of all kinds, including cats, dogs, fish and birds. Mac had two siblings in his litter, and they endeavoured to find them all forever homes once the kittens were old enough. However, due to the amount of foster animals in their care, Mac was not well adjusted to human interaction - he was skittish and wary of new people. He needed someone who understood cat behaviour and who could provide dedicated attention to build his trust, as well as plenty of animal friends around - as he had grown accustomed to in the foster home. Mac is still not 100% happy with being picked up and won't be the first to climb on a lap, but absolutely loves cuddles and belly rubs.