aka Marm, Lady Marmalade

My birthday is 5th March and I am a female calico moggy


I like playing with my brothers Pumpkin and Mayo, and chasing balls around. I may look sweet and innocent, but I have little devil horn markings on my head which give away my cheeky nature, and I have no problem playing rough and tumble with my adopted brothers.


Marmalade’s owners before us took her on as a friend for their very young daughter to grow up with, from a friend of theirs who had decided a cat wasn't for them, after only having her a week, after buying her from the person who owned Marmalades mum. However it quickly became apparent their daughter had a cat allergy, so they had to find a new home for her once again. To be rehomed so many times at such a young age is very stressful for a kitten, so we wanted to make sure she would never have to be moved about again.

Marmalade suffers from IBD, we believe as a result of her very stressful start in life, which requires her diet to be carefully monitored. She receives daily supplements to help her stay in tip-top condition, but unfortunately sometimes does suffer flare ups and will likely have this condition the rest of her life. We love her just the same, even if she can be little mucky and require extra attention sometimes.