aka Gary, Gazza, Eggboy, EggyBelly

My birthday is 1st April and I am a pink male Canadian elf ear sphynx


I like curling up on a warm lap and not moving for hours, or curling up anywhere that is warm really. I will also likely steal your seat if you’ve just got up, because it’s still warm of course. My ears feel a little funny as they're fully cartilage, but I really enjoy ear rubs. I'm a quiet boy and not as playful as the other sphynxes, and much prefer a good nap.


Gary was introduced to a three-cat household, the first male sphynx alongside two female sphynx and a mog Tom. After a few months one of their female sphynx had undergone a complete personality change and just could not settle with Gary around. He got along great with the other two, but it wasn’t a fair situation for any of them because of the tension with the other female, and they couldn’t be trusted to be left alone, as she would get violent towards Gary. He ideally needed a new home with other cats to keep him company, and a busy and affectionate rich environment as he was used to having other cats, work from home adults, and children around.