aka Figgles, Figgy, Mr. Figgs

My birthday is 28th June and I am a male Himalayan Persian


I like showing off my belly fluff and sleeping. I'm an old soul who looks a lot older than I am, but every now and then I'll get a spurt of energy and join in on playtime to chase a laser or tickle toy, for a minute.


Figgy lived with one other cat and a little dog. His owner was having to move to sheltered accommodation with a single pet policy. They managed to get a special exception and up it to two animals, but Figgy was the one they had had for the shortest time, so unfortunately he was the one who had to find a new home.

Fun fact - While he is a flat face persian, Figgy luckly does not suffer from breathing difficulties, but does have the typical persian crusty eyes. The little dog he lived with previously used to groom his eyes for him, meaning Figgy never learned to groom them himself, so requires daily eye cleaning from us to keep him crusty-free and gorgeously grumpy-looking as ever