aka Fee, Babygirl

My birthday is 31st January and I am a female seal-point Selkirk Rex and British Shorthair cross


I have absolutely nothing going on inside my head. I'm a big flop-ball and just want a lap to sit on and be snuggled all day. Occasionally I'll get a spurt of energy and have the zoomies, but then go right back to sleep.


Fee was the runt of her litter, and her previous owners were originally going to keep her because of this. However, due to work commitments, they felt they could not meet what was required of them to care for their existing family cats as well as a very small kitten, so decided it was in her best interests to find a new home where she could have dedicated attention. Within a week of joining our home she required medical attention and round-the-clock hand feeding, but of course all the worry and effort are worth it to have Fee with us here today.