aka Clawd, Clawdia, Miss Mouse

My birthday is 3rd October and I am a female tuxedo sphynx


I like playing with my adopted brothers Mac and Mayo, and curling up underneath blankets, which I’m very good at burrowing underneath. I'm very cuddly with the other sphynxs, especially Binx. I broke my tail in my previous home and it healed a little funny, leaving me with a little bump, but it doesn't bother me at all. I will shout if I don't get attention and l'm cute enough to get away with it. Watch out - I like to jump on shoulders!


Clawdia’s owner unfortunately suddenly suffered a severe medical incident, leaving them with serious disabilities and called for regular hospital stays. Because of the higher demands of sphynx cats they felt they could no longer adequately care for her needs in all aspects, which was confirmed when Clawdia broke her tail, so made the hard decision of finding her a new forever home. She came from a house with two other cats, so they were keen for her to go somewhere where she would still have companions, as well as owners knowledgeable in sphynx care.