aka Binky, Mr. Binks, Bingus, Binkybaby

My birthday is 7th September and I am a male red point Sphynx


I like getting into places I’m not meant to and annoying my friends. I have no concept of social boundaries or personal space. I like to walk up to people and use them as a stretching board. I will shout if I don't get attention and l'm cute enough to get away with it.


Binx’s previous owner had two young disabled children who required a service dog. Binx didn't mind the dog at all, however the dog couldn’t be trusted around Binx. This meant Binx had to be shut away in a bedroom upstairs for many hours of the day as it wasn’t a manageable situation. Sphynx cats are an exceedingly affectionate and playful breed, requiring lots of attention and stimulation. Especially as a young male, this was more-so for Binx, so it just wasn’t fair to keep him in that situation.