aka Barty, Barty Bat Boy, Barty Baby

My birthday is 6th June and I am a male Wedgehead Siamese


I like lots of cuddles and trying my absolute best to fit on your lap, even though I like to sprawl out and am very long. I can a little silly and over excited from attention, and don't quite always realise how gangly I am. I only have 4 teeth which causes my upper canines to stick out a little, and paired with my big ears means I do a wonderful vampire bat impression, which is where I get my name.


Originally from France, Bartok was meant to be a stud. His lineage is a that of proud pedigree wedge-head Siamese, but his soul is that of a big softie. He never sprayed, called, nor mated. All he wants to do is lay around and be cuddled, and in his previous home at a breeders his kind nature was making him a target for bullying from the strong females also housed there. As is often the case with wedge-head Siamese, he has had some dental problems, and came to us with just 4 teeth. He requires a little specialised care to treat his gums and make sure they stay healthy, but has no issues when it comes to eating, and enjoys both wet and dried foods.