About us

Canterbury Tails Traditional British Fish & Chip Restaurant is the product of 3 generations and 2 families who have been in the Fish & Chip trade for over 50 years.
We have been involved in Fish & Chip restaurants dating back to the 1960’s and established shops in Canterbury which have been trading for almost 35 years.

As our favourite playwright Geoffrey Chaucer once said “The life so short, the craft so long to learn”.

We hope you really enjoy the carefully selected local and sustainable food and drinks that we serve!

All of our Fish is Ocean Wild and caught in carefully managed waters, rich in sustainable stocks and virtually pollution free.
Every single fish is certified as sustainable and can be traced back through every step of the supply chain (boat to plate).
We cut and prepare our fish every day right here at the Canterbury Tails. We cook our fish “skin on” to keep it succulent and retain its moisture and we coat it in a light batter which is entirely natural and free from any additives.

Our Sausages are made in Rolvenden, Kent; using original recipes, premium cuts of pork and the finest ingredients. Wholesome sausages at their very best!

We offer Pies, Pasties and Fruit Pies which are produced in Biddenden, Kent by a lovely local family and are made using only the finest cuts of meat and the freshest regional vegetables and fruit.
We have no doubt that you will be more than satisfied by their quality and taste.

Our Potatoes are grown in farms only a few miles away from Canterbury and we use local suppliers and farms from Westmarsh, Ash and St Nicholas when in season that we have traded with for over 20 years.
Our top quality potatoes include Maris Piper, Premier and Accord varieties & our chips are freshly prepared and cut daily on our premises.

Chegworth Valley Juices have no added sugars or preservatives and are produced in Harritsham, Kent.
Chegworth Valley Farms are family owned and use their own homegrown, hand picked fruit and vegetables.

Kingsdown Natural Spring Water comes from a natural and sustainable pure spring just 15 miles away from us in Kingsdown in the North Downs, and are an approved supplier with The Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Chapel Down & Curious Drinks produce world class wines, beers and cider from Tenterden, Kent.
They source from their own vineyards and orchards supplemented by carefully selected partners and use only the finest fruit and hops to produce truly outstanding beverages.

Solley’s Kentish Ice Cream are a fourth generation family dairy business from Ripple (nr. Deal) in Kent, that produce ice creams in the traditional way using flavoursome ingredients all sourced from the County of Kent.

You can rest assured that we support local farmers and the sustainability of Ocean Wild fishing.

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